Civic Art, Public Transport, İstanbul, and Orhan Veli Kanık

İstanbul is a very unique city that has a strong sentiment of civic pride. This can be seen in some of the creative infrastructure installments the city has placed across the city. The image below is a bench in the shape of a book located at the T1 tram stop of Sultanahmet that is dedicated to one of İstanbul’s most famous and respected poets of the 20th century, Orhan Veli Kanık whose poem There Must be a Catch was featured in an earlier post.

Oran picture

Illustrating the significance of this poet on the literary landscape, some literary critics and scholars argue that Orhan Veli Should have been Turkey’s first literary Nobel Laureate. The first to receive the honor was ‘the other Orhan’, Orhan Pamuk, who was honored with the award in 2006 for his masterful novels with themes like life, love, and İstanbul.


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